About Comfort Group

Under the banner of Comfort Group of Companies there are some sister Concern Company of them some companies are doing business from the last 32 years. Comfort Group of Companies registered as limited company with the Joint Stock Company, Dhaka Bangladesh which authorized certificate of incorporation No- C- 102229/12 dated 14, June 2012. At present companies which are doing business under the banner of comfort group are as under:
(1) Raihan Shipping Lines Ltd
(2) Rising Shipping Lines Ltd
(3) Comfort Line(Pvt) Ltd
(4) Madhumoti Shipping Line Ltd
(5) Comfort Development Ltd
(6) Padma Shrimp Farm Ltd
(7) Comfort Filling and CNG Re-fuelling Station.

Our History


It is almost about 44 years under the banner of Comfort Group of Companies our shipping business is conducting through some organization. In fact these organizations started shipping business in the year 1984-1985. Later on all those limited companies were comes under the banner of Rising Group of companies. It is mention here that Rising Group of companies was not registered group. So later on management has decided to register this group with joint stock Company. After scrutinize they informed that in that name there is already registered with joint stock Company .So the management has decided to register in the name of Comfort Group of Companies and accordingly it has been registered in the name of comfort Group of Companies in the year 2012 After registered with joint Stock Company, from then above mentioned companies are running under the banner of Comfort Group of Companies. Ceaseless efforts with dynamic management lead by Mr. M.H. Khan Manju, Managing Director diversifying its business activities. In the second phase, the group went into petroleum products transportation business through oil tanker ship and its becomes core business of the group. With the passage of time, the group undertook new ventures and presently there are several units under its umbrella like- Oil tanker ship’s, Public transport services (bus services), Fish culture, Cattle culture, Tree plantation, Housing development, Coal Tar (Alkatra) manufacturing and Filling and CNG Re- fueling station etc.

Our Valued Clients

Mission & Vision

The group has plans for setting up more projects. The projects are already in pipeline. The mater is under our active consideration and will hopefully soon mature.

This will help the nation’s economy growth and will create job opportunities to various professions.