Comfort filling & CNG Re-fueling Station is situated at 06, South Kaylanpur, Dhaka. From this filling station Octane, Diesel is sales apart from this there is also a car servicing centre. For our filling station we have a permission to set up CNG station, so in near future we are going to set up the same. Our fuel is quality product and we do sale our product in accurate measurement. Since we have oil tanker and through this we are carrying fuel, from there we have gather experience about fuel business and from that experience we came into filling station business and set up filling station at Kallyanpur, Dhaka. Mashallha we are doing well in this business. We have in mind to set up another two filling station in our bus lines route Dhaka, Gopalgonj to Najirpur high way road. At present all of our busses take fuel from our filling station. In our filling station car servicing job done with very carefully with the total satisfaction of our customer this has only possible as we have an experience man power in this particular job. At present total number of man power is about 16 (Sixteen) in our filling station.

Mission & Vision

The group has plans for setting up more projects. The projects are already in pipeline. The mater is under our active consideration and will hopefully soon mature.

This will help the nation’s economy growth and will create job opportunities to various professions.