Padma Shrimp Firm Ltd is a sister concern of Comfort Group. It registered as a limited company with the Joint Stock Company. Its certificate of incorporation No- C- 41251(610)/2000 dated 07/09/2000. Project Padma Shrimp Firm Ltd has 100 (One hundred) acre of land which is situated at Ulpur Gopalgonj. This project main business is fish culture, cattle and tree plantation. There are 22 ponds in this project. In these ponds different kinds of fish is cultivated such Talapiya, Latika & Ruhi etc.

In our fish firm we used to import young mono-sex telapia fish from Thailand for fish cultivation. But now in Bangladesh many hatcheries are successfully producing young mono-sex telapia fish and from those hatchery yearly we are procuring about 27,50,000 (Twenty seven lac fifty thousand) young mono-sex tilapia fish and are cultivating in our ponds. From 27, 50,000 young fish, after cultivation net production of adult fish is about 25, 00,000, on the production process there is about 10% process loss. This fish sale four times in a year that is after every three months. On an Average each fish weight is about 500 gram. Per kg fish sales @ Tk. 120/= so total production 12 lac 50 thousand fish price is about 15 (Fifteen) Core. In this project about 60 numbers of officers & staffs are deployed. In Padma Shrimp project apart from fish cultivation pond there are some extra too, all of those ponds are in totaling about 22 these ponds are in and around project area. About 50,000 or more commercial tree has been planted. Expecting that After 10 years this tree plantation project will be a great source of income. There is also cattle firm in a small scale from where project gets about 60 liters of milk per day, from here project is financially gaining. Management has taken initiative to increase its production about three times from the existing within 5 years time. Our project will take a good role to meet up the demand of protein in Bangladesh. Inshallha in future our products will be able to meet up the demand of the country and will be able to export the same in abroad. To full fill our vision management has already taken initiative to set up fish feed plant and for this reason we have already applied for loan to the Bangladesh Bank’s EEF fund program.

Mission & Vision

The group has plans for setting up more projects. The projects are already in pipeline. The mater is under our active consideration and will hopefully soon mature.

This will help the nation’s economy growth and will create job opportunities to various professions.