Raihan Shipping Lines Ltd: Raihan Shipping Lines Ltd is a company under the Comfort Group Umbrella. The Vessel/ship M.V. Latifa, operates under this company. This ship operates in alliance with Jamuna Oil Corporation Ltd, a concern of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporations.

Rising Shipping Lines Ltd: Rising Shipping Licensing Ltd is a concern of Comfort Group. The vessel M.T Shugandha is operated under this registration, works with Petroleum Products Jamuna Oil Company Ltd.

Madhumoti Shipping Lines Ltd: Madh/umoti Shipping Line Ltd. is a concern of Comfort Group of Companies Ltd. The vessel A T Golden is operated by Petroleum Products Meghna Oil Companies Ltd, a concern of Meghna Oil Companies Ltd.


The prior information was relative to the operation of all the shipping vessels owned by Comfort Group. The following contains extensive information relative to the shipping vessels operated by the company.


Number of Shipping vessels: The company operates a total of 9 shipping vessels, out of which 7 are owned by the company and 3 belong to BIWTC, and is operated by the company through tender bidding. The vessels MT Moyna and MT Bitto are chartered through Padma Oil Companies ltd, AT Petrotanking-1 and MT Shungandha are chartered through Jamuna Oil Companies Ltd. The remaining three vessels, which belong to BIWTC, T.1055 is chartered through Meghna Petroleum Ltd and T 1052 and T Kalinda are chartered through Jamuna Oil Company Ltd; these vessels act as oil tankers to supply oil to the Government.


Oil/fuel transported by our vessels: Our vessels, which are chartered through Padma Oil Companies Ltd, Meghna Oil Companies Ltd, Jamuna Oil Companies Ltd, all under Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation, carries diesel, octane, kerosene and CNG fuel.


Description of our shipping vessels: Amongst our vessels, A T Moina (C-133), M.T. Bitta (C-852), M.V. Latifa (C- 323), M T Shugandha (C-755) , T Kalindi (C-194), T-1052(535) (C-199) are equipped for operation at sea level. The vessels  O T Petrotanker-1 (M-5809) and Golden Goose ( M 1846) are shallow tanker vessels.


Our vessels transport fuel from the main installation centres of Padma, Meghna and Jamuna Oil Companies Ltd, located in Chittagong and Guptakhal to Fatullah, Daulatpur, Godanail, Bhairab bazar, Barisal, Jhalkathi, Baghabari, Chandpur, and unload at the Padma, Meghna and Jamuna Oil depots.


Each of our shipping vessels have 15 employees on board, including 1st class masters in charge, driver in charge. Each employee has worked in our vessels for more than 20 years.