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Comfort Group has been successfully operating for twenty years now. The company has multiple companies today under its umbrella.

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The prior information was relative to the operation and registration of all the shipping vessels owned by Comfort Group. The following is more extensive information relative to the shipping vessels operated by the company.

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Shipping Companies

  • Raihan Shipping Lines Ltd

    Raihan Shipping Lines Ltd is a company under the Comfort Group Umbrella. It is a company registered under the Joint Stock Company

  • Rising Shipping Licensing Ltd

    Rising Shipping Licensing Ltd is a concern of Comfort Group.The vessel M.T Shugandha is operated under this registration, works with Petroleum Products Jamuna Oil Company Ltd.

  • Madhumoti Shipping Line Ltd

    Madh/umoti Shipping Line Ltd. is a concern of Comfort Group of Companies Ltd. The vessel A T Golden is operated by Petroleum Products Meghna Oil Companies Ltd, a concern of Meghna Oil Companies Ltd.